Saturday, April 2, 2011


So March was a complete bust. I had my first weekly gain and decided to just forget about March. I know the scale still shows a 6lbs loss for the month, but it's not just about numbers. I could have lost a lot more but also could have had my head in the game. It's a new month and I'm off to a good start. Yesterday was a little snacky of a day but today I'm on track. Water was good yesterday, I was well over 100oz.
I AM going to the gym after work whether I want to or not. I need to focus on the fact that the gym will make me happy. It will tone my body, get me to my goal, and most important of all it will make me fit and healthy. I need to associate the gym with good... not with bad. So when I get home I'll be charging my ipod, getting dressed, then heading out. Seeing as I haven't been in far too long it's probably going to kick my ass.  But I deserve it. I'm sure my tolerance is going to suck as well. But I need this.
I'll let you know how it goes..
So I'm sad because as of right now my 30lbs are no longer lost. This means serious crunch time this week. I want to lose my gain plus an additional 2lbs to get back on track. This will hopefully put me at 224.5 and make me back in the running for my Birthday goal. I want to see a 1 the morning of my Birthday. I have a little over 9 weeks with about 30lbs to lose. It'll be tricky, especially when I get closer to ONDerland, but I'm hoping to get some big numbers out the first few weeks so I don't have to pull them later on.
Here's the plan:
*Drink 120oz at least of water a day
*5 days of cardio a week
*Some form of exercise EVERY day. (Even crunches or squats)
*Track all food and stay within calories.
*Don't eat dessert more than every other day.
Honestly the hardest part is the last one. I will do my best to follow all of these!!!
:) Here's to being healthy, getting back on track, and having a GREAT April!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Forgot ...

I forgot to tell some very exciting news yesterday!! So I weighed in and I have now officially lost 30lbs!!! I'm so happy. Another 30 and I'll be in ONEderland. I can't wait to never see a 2 on the scale ever again. Still a ways away but I'll get there!
I brought food with me to work today so I'm hoping for a success. I am going to a birthday party tonight though, hopefully the food options there are reasonable so I don't end the day horribly. I made two dozen cupcakes for it last night though and didn't have one (I did have frosting though.. I'll admit it). But I am proud. There were even three extra that didn't fit in the tray I'm brining over and instead of leaving them for me to eat I rearranged to MAKE them fit.
Well wish me luck for tonight!!! I'll keep you posted on how it goes :)

Also I asked if anyone uses a heart rate monitor a while back but didn't get responses back on that post.. so I'm going to ask again just in case it was missed. And if no one uses them I'll have to figure something else out! Lol. Do you use a heart rate monitor? What kind? What do you think about it?

Have an awesome day!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Doing alright

So I havent been 100% on plan, but havent been doing horrible either. Ever since one slip up last week I havent been able to completely get my head in the game. I've been good at drinking my water and eating fruit... but I have been really snacky. This is going to be a quick post bc I am on my phone and hate posting through here. I have been reading all of your blogs which is probably the only reason I havent complely gone off the deep end! You all inspire me. I will get back in this full force; I need to. Especially my exercise.. I've totally been slacking on that. I'll keep you posted

<3 Tamara

Thursday, March 17, 2011


So I'm totally not with it. I'm slacking on my posts and slacking everywhere else too. Saturday's weigh-in was 229.4, but the twenties were short lived. The only reason I saw it in the first place is because I wasn't feeling well the night before and practically skipped dinner. Since then it's been horrible. My eating an exercise is not happening the way it should. Monday I went to a family party and was completely off. I didn't eat a lot but I didn't eat the right things. The worst part is I didn't track anything. I need to get my head in the game. I can't just give up, yet that's what I'm feeling. Now to hit my goal I need to average 3lbs a week. That's rough because the lower I fall the harder that 3lb loss will be. I am trying to stay positive and will do the best I can from here on out regardless what the scale says. So far today I've had a fiber one 90 calorie bar and lots of water. Once I feed and get the boys down for their nap I will make myself a big bowl of oatmeal and have already planned tuna for my meal after that. I'm only drinking water. And a lot of it. And will chew gum while feeding the boys so I can't munch on their food. No slip ups. I will get back in this race now. No waiting and no complaining. I wont see good news on the scale unless I work for it.
How do you all jump back on track after a few trying days? I need all the help and support possible, if you have any advice!
Xo Tamara

Friday, March 11, 2011

I need to get with the program..

I need to get my head back in the game. I've been absent, kind of.. I have google reader on my phone so I am up to date with all the blogs I follow, but I haven't been on to post myself. I have felt so out of it the last few days.. I don't feel the motivation I felt in the first couple weeks. My eating hasn't been great, neither has my working out. I have been eating within calories, but I feel like most of what I'm eating are empty calories. It's like I have one real meal and the rest is just snacking, therefore I always feel hungry. I feel guilty admitting things like this! I feel like even though I'm within my calories I'm still failing. I know I need to make my calories worth it, I need my proteins and good carbs.. I need to get full with the right foods. So tomorrow I have my weekly weigh in, and hopefully I'll report good news about my eating. I am off to an alright start, I've had water and a big bowl of fruit for breakfast.
Wish me luck!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Quick Post

I am absolutely exhausted so this will be quick.
Saturday's weigh in I was down 1.6lbs ... after a rough week I expected that. Thankfully I had a loss though. I am very grateful for that!!
I had a doctors appt on Friday and I was told to up my calories by 300. I'm stressed about this a little because I really don't want this to jeopardize my weight loss, but I don't want under eating to jeopardize my health so I am definitely going to give it a go. Because of my goal for a 2.5lb a week loss, I might play around with my calories if increasing them by 300 isn't pretty on the scale. We'll see! (I'll keep you posted on how it goes)
I'm going to bed because the yawns won't stop.. I'll be a better blogger on more sleep!
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ohhh Elliptical...

So my main source of cardio exercise is the elliptical. I use them at my gym and the people I work for also have one (yay for being able to work out while working 13hr shifts!). But I have a dilemma with them.. the effin' heart monitors/ calorie counters are driving me CRAZYYYYY!!!
Do you all have the same problems with the inconsistencies? Depending on the machine I can range anywhere from 140-170bpm in the middle of the same intensity workout. I understand that the one at the house vs the ones at the gym are different. The quality is completely different, it's a different brand etc.. But the same things happens with the machines at the gym. They are the same make and model, yet I'm getting completely different figures. Like I said the heart rate range is way off but so are the calories. It annoys the hell out of me!
Because of this I've been contemplating getting a heart rate monitor watch that can track calories as well. Does anyone have one? Are they accurate? Do you like it?
I've been doing research but the reviews are SO up and down.. therefore I'd really like to hear some info firsthand before dumping that kind of money on something, so let me know! Thanks
Um, I've weighed myself. Sorry, I'm addicted and really don't know how to stop. I know I need to because that weekly number is so much better than the daily ones that drive me crazy, but I like to stay on track. Obviously if I go up two days in a row I'm doing something wrong.. and I'd like to know that. So I'm back down a pound from my last weigh in, which unfortunately was my weight on Sunday. But I'm back, at least the scale has been moving in the right direction. I HATE up!
I need to admit I've been slacking on water and vegetables. We really need to clean out our refrigerator and make a trip to the grocery store so I have no more excuses. So that's what I'm working on: Water, veggies, and no slip ups (even if they are small)!
I have two more days until next weigh in so I have lots of work if I want to hit that 2.5 which turned into 5 after gaining!! I can and WILL do this!!