Saturday, April 2, 2011


So March was a complete bust. I had my first weekly gain and decided to just forget about March. I know the scale still shows a 6lbs loss for the month, but it's not just about numbers. I could have lost a lot more but also could have had my head in the game. It's a new month and I'm off to a good start. Yesterday was a little snacky of a day but today I'm on track. Water was good yesterday, I was well over 100oz.
I AM going to the gym after work whether I want to or not. I need to focus on the fact that the gym will make me happy. It will tone my body, get me to my goal, and most important of all it will make me fit and healthy. I need to associate the gym with good... not with bad. So when I get home I'll be charging my ipod, getting dressed, then heading out. Seeing as I haven't been in far too long it's probably going to kick my ass.  But I deserve it. I'm sure my tolerance is going to suck as well. But I need this.
I'll let you know how it goes..
So I'm sad because as of right now my 30lbs are no longer lost. This means serious crunch time this week. I want to lose my gain plus an additional 2lbs to get back on track. This will hopefully put me at 224.5 and make me back in the running for my Birthday goal. I want to see a 1 the morning of my Birthday. I have a little over 9 weeks with about 30lbs to lose. It'll be tricky, especially when I get closer to ONDerland, but I'm hoping to get some big numbers out the first few weeks so I don't have to pull them later on.
Here's the plan:
*Drink 120oz at least of water a day
*5 days of cardio a week
*Some form of exercise EVERY day. (Even crunches or squats)
*Track all food and stay within calories.
*Don't eat dessert more than every other day.
Honestly the hardest part is the last one. I will do my best to follow all of these!!!
:) Here's to being healthy, getting back on track, and having a GREAT April!!

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  1. Thanks! Yesss, ONEderland, here we come! We can do this!